Who we are

The Association is made up of all the families who participate in the playgroup, who have different backgrounds and training, as well as Waldorf teachers who form an active part of the Association’s Management Board, and it also has members who participate in activities, workshops and commissions, as well as the global educational community that we form.

This Association is characterised by being a multidisciplinary group. We have teachers, artisans, advisors, engineers, designers, administrative staff, technicians…. and each of us contributes what we do best to the project. We have learned to coordinate ourselves and we try to maximise both resources and our imagination to build the school we dream of. We have in common a special sensitivity towards children, a concern to change things and to contribute as much as possible to their development in a respectful way.

What reflections made us embark on this project?

Nowadays, children live in a frenetic rhythm, programmed to carry out an endless number of activities that will lead them to achieve future success, taking them away from their most essential being, taking them away from free play, from silence – so important for critical thinking-, from knowing how to wait before getting what they want, from reflection, from the will to do, from the connection with Nature, which provides us with beauty, balance and orientation.

We want our children to be sensitive to the natural and social environment, to enter into the construction of possible worlds, to express themselves in all languages, to enjoy contact with cultural productions, to be full social individuals. We want their learning to be a living process based on respect for the maturing rhythms and emotions of each person, a fundamental basis for the development of free individuals in harmony with themselves and with nature.

Evoking Goethe’s words: “Children should receive two things from their parents: roots and wings”, Daniel Wirz adds: “…nothing is more formative. Children want to take root in this world, so we must not cut off their wings. Only what children experience through their senses will enable them, one day in the distant future, to find the answer to the question of meaning”.

For all these reasons we have opted for the study, promotion and practice of Waldorf education in Ciudad Real, because its principles guide and support us, and because its methodology, by deeply respecting the maturation process of each child, makes this pedagogical option an “Education for freedom” and an “Education for life”.

Madreselva families