About us

The non-profit Association Madreselva was born from the will of a group of fathers, mothers and educators responding to the needs of their sons and daughters to develop as whole, safe and free people.

Nowadays children live a frenetic rhythm, programmed to carry out an endless number of activities that lead them to achieve future success, distancing them from their most essential being, separating them from free play, from silence –so important for critical thinking-, from knowing how to wait before getting what you want, from reflection, from the will to do, from the connection with Nature, which provides us with beauty, balance and orientation.

We want our children to be sensitive to the natural and social environment, to be able to build all possible worlds, to express themselves in all languages, to enjoy contact with other cultures, to be full social individuals. We want their learning to be a living process that is based on respect for the maturation rhythm and emotion of each person, a fundamental basis for the development of free subjects and in harmony with themselves and with nature.

In evoking Goethe’s words: «Children must receive two things from their parents: roots and wings», Daniel Wirz adds: «… nothing is more formative. Children want to take root in this world, for this we must not cut their wings. Only what children experience through the senses will allow them, some distant day, to find an answer to the question about meaning.»

For all these reasons, we have chosen to study, promote and practice Waldorf pedagogy in Ciudad Real, because its principles serve as a guide and support, and because its methodology, by deeply respecting the maturing process of each boy and girl , turns this pedagogical option into an «Education for freedom» and an «Education for life».

Madreselva families

The families that make up the Association have different backgrounds. We have professors, artisans, consultants, engineers, designers, administrators, technicians… and each of us contributes what we know best to make this project come true. We have learned to coordinate and try to maximize both the resources and our imagination to build the School we dream of. We have in common a special sensitivity towards childhood, a concern to change things and contribute as far as possible to their development in a respectful way.

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