The Waldorf Madreselva Educational Association was founded in 2013 as a result of the initiative of a group of families to create a school with an educational approach different from the traditional one: Waldorf pedagogy.

Since then, numerous boys and girls have passed through our space to enjoy and learn in our playgroup. The founding families, who gradually rebuilt the facilities, have been growing, just like our space. Currently, we have more than 30 families, but we continue to work as a team, collaborating with each other, and caring for conscious thinking, feeling, and doing. We strive to maintain a healthy organization, full of spirit and heart.


The Association is a member of the Waldorf Centers Association of Spain, which regulates the implementation of Waldorf pedagogy in initiatives, associations, and schools throughout Spain.

The non-profit Madreselva Association arose from the will of a group of parents, mothers, and educators to meet the needs of their sons and daughters and help them develop as whole, confident, and free individuals.

Madreselva Families

We consider Madreselva a social project because by changing the education of the little ones, we contribute to a significant change in individuals who will, in turn, change the world. Being part of the Association brings direct benefits by actively participating with children in a respectful educational community, surrounded by nature, with families who trust in alternative approaches to foster learning, wonder, and the joy of learning in our children.

Madreselva also welcomes friends and associates who support the project by attending workshops, meetings, and events, as well as participating in various committees of the Association. This has allowed the homologation of the first Waldorf School in Ciudad Real, now a registered reality as the Waldorf International School Madreselva.

Madreselva Activities

Additionally, we make our well-cared-for space available to members, friends, and citizens who wish to organize events related to education, music, literature, and topics aligned with our work. Our Association, beyond implementing Waldorf pedagogy, incorporates a social inspiration that includes enriching encounters for various audiences in the city.

Madreselva Activities

Since 2021, the Association has a library wagon, our Train in the garden, born out of the need to expand the Association with a space for activities and to accommodate neighbors, friends, and families who visit us in search of alternative cultural plans. We want to emphasize that this project relies solely on the resources contributed by the families involved and the support of their sympathizers in the events we organize.

Library Wagon

We would like to emphasise that this project only relies on the resources provided by the families that are part of it and the support of its supporters at the events we organise.